When does a social gathering become a party?

We have looked into this and produced a checklist that we hope will help take the stress out of organising and make your social gathering a real party whether it’s a children’s party, baby shower, or a wedding party, this list should help give both you and your guest’s amazing memories of the fun had that day.

Well in advance.

  • Choose the date and time for your party.

 Try to arrange the party so that it doesn’t clash with any holidays, local festivals or events that might stop your friends and relatives attending.

  • Choose where you will hold the party.

Will you want to hold it inside or outside, at home, in a pub, village hall, restaurant or another event venue?  Don’t take long over this because if it’s not your home venues can get booked up quickly.

  • Are you going to have a theme for your party?

Adult or children’s you will have to decide on the theme, Will your guests dress in casual, formal or costumes?. There are now so many themes available on the market that now is the time to check them out whether its Hollywood, a Truly Scrumptious tea party, Peppa Pig or Avengers they are all out there.

  • Guest List.

Now is the time to think about who you are inviting and make a tentative guest list.

  • Menu.

Will you be serving food and drinks, are you going to ask others to help by bringing food and drink, are you having caterers?  Now is the time to start your shopping list or to start looking at caterers.

  • Your Team.

Are you going to be doing this on your own or will you be asking others to help organise your party? If you are having helpers then get the team together and work out who will be responsible for what aspect of the party planning.

  • Budget.

It’s time to do your sums and work out the cost, venue rental costs, buying food, paying for entertainment, dressing the party and don’t forget the little things like table confetti, banners and bunting, invitation cards, don’t spoil your time at the party by feeling you have gone over your budget.

One month before

  • Organising.

Time to start working out the party program, what time do you want your guests to arrive, will you be having party games or an entertainer, when are you serving food, when do you want the DJ and dancing to begin, what time does the party finish? Put together a schedule of how you want the day to pan out.

  • Things you may need for your party.

Are you supplying the music, have you got the sound system, the stuff for the party games, party poppers, streamers, party hats, photo booth kits, paper plates and napkins, now is the time to start ordering to be sure you have everything ready for the party, there is nothing worse than leaving it to the last minute and your purchases not arriving on time.

  • Invitations.

It’s time to send out the invitations or create an event page in social media and message all those to be invited.

  • Suppliers.

Check with your suppliers for catering, flowers, balloons and so on that everything is still ok and confirm times and accessibility.

Two weeks before

  • Check your deliveries.

Go through your shopping list and make sure everything you have ordered has arrived and if there are missing items get on to the supplier or reorder.

  • Confirm Guests.

Follow up with those who have not yet RSVP’d to make sure they do. Send reminders to those who have confirmed to get them pumped up for the party.

  • Music.

If your having a DJ tell them what sort of music you would like to be played or if you are supplying the music then now is the time to create a playlist.

One day before

  • Prepare the Venue.

If Possible to access the venue it is now time to dress it, sort out the chairs and tables, check the sound equipment and put up the party decorations.

  • Buy perishables.

Stock up on last-minute perishables like fruit, ice, and so on.

  • Do a dry run.

If you can, do a run-through of the day with the vendors and your team to make sure everyone knows exactly what to do during the party.

  • Memories.

make sure your cameras and phones have memory space and the batteries are fully charged.

On the day

  • Set Up.

Set and dress the tables, Inflate the balloons put out the welcome drinks, do a final sound check, and generally take care of getting all the last-minute things in place.

  • Catering.

Arrange all the food or let in the catering crew and make sure they have all they need to start preparing and serving food.

  • Photo & video.

Have the person you assigned on your team (or a professional) documenting the party by taking photos and capturing memorable videos to share with the guests afterwards.

After the party is over

  • Thank you.

Send out thank you cards to your party guests then share the memorable photos and videos of the party directly with your guests through social media.

I hope this checklist has been of some help to you and many thanks for reading this post


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