A Few Tips To Help Decorate Your Party

The type of party

If your guests are mostly children, you will want to use lots of bright colours, balloons, streamers and a children’s Pastel mix 3 x Pom Pomstheme creating a party with lots of fun.
If your guests are older, you might want to use pastel colours and use decorations such as paper lanterns and pom poms using perhaps a Hollywood or casino theme that will make the party more elegant and/or sophisticated but still fun.
Is this a dinner party? If so, you’d want to focus more on the table itself, as this is where your guests will spend most of their time. Get some nice plates, napkins, tablecloths, centrepieces, and so forth.

What’s the occasion?

This will also help you decide what sort of colours and decorations to use. It will help make the party more personal and special. For example:


Baby Shower Moons & Stars LatexIf it is a baby shower, consider whether it is not gender specific, then pale yellow, mint green and lilac would be a good start, if it is going to be a boy or girl then the usual colours are blue for a boy and pink for a girl, not that it has to be those colours, it’s just the usual.

If it is a birthday party, it may help if you use the birthday girl’s or birthday boy’s favourite colours. Try to stick with one main colour, and white as a secondary colour or a paler version of the main colour such as purple and lilac or magenta and pale pink.

If it is a graduation party, consider using the school’s colours.

If it is for a New Year’s, Halloween or Christmas, party etc, use colours associated with that holiday. For example, If it’s a New Year party, black and gold go well, Halloween has to be orange and black and Christmas is traditionally red, green and gold.

If it is a wedding party, consider the wedding’s theme colours. These will usually match the cake, wedding bouquet, and the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Choosing a theme.

The theme will be most likely something that the person(s) you are throwing the party for is interested in. If you don’t know what the person is interested in, then choose something that is currently popular. Here are some ideas to get you started:
Consider the person’s interests. Do they like Casinos, mermaids, Monsters, Unicorns, the 1980s Choose decorations that match their interests?
Do you and your friends have a favourite book or movie? base your party on that. If the book or movie is new, you might find the right decorations at a party accessory supplier.
Try other general themes, such as rustic, vintage, chevron, rainbow, floral, rose gold, a winter wonderland or take them to another place or time such as Luau, Paris or the 1920s, 1950s or the 1980s

Keep the location in mind.

Are you hosting the party in the classroom, office, or at home? Is it going to be in a restaurant or rented venue? Depending on where you host the party, you may have to limit your decorations. Some places, such as offices and restaurants, simply don’t have space. Other places, such as rented party venues, may have specific guidelines that you must follow.
If your space is small, focus on simpler decorations, such as balloons, paper hanging swirls, napkins, and paper plates.

Judge how much time you will need to set up the party, and how much help you will have.

If you want to have a tropical-themed party in a few hours, and you will be the only one setting the party up, a full-blown Tiki bar and hula stage may be a little bit too much for you to handle. Remember, it is always better to start with fewer decorations and add more if you have extra time than to start with too much and end up not finishing.
Consider how much you are willing to clean up afterwards. After the party is over and your guests go home, you will likely be exhausted. Cleaning up would be the last thing on your mind. If you are a person who does not like to clean or take down decorations, you might want to go for something simple—such as a few balloons or a centrepiece—as opposed to something that will take ages to take down—such as hanging lanterns, flower walls, etc. If you can go back the following day and clear up then the world is your oyster.

Cover tables with table covers, table runners, and a centrepiece.

Choose a solid-coloured table-cover, and lay over it with a complimenting colour table runner. If you don’t have a table runner, lay a party banner down the middle of the table, or use two or three wide ribbons. Finish off by placing a fitting centrepiece in the middle of the table and of course some table confetti.
The centrepiece doesn’t have to be flowers. For example, if it’s a Halloween party, you could use a carved pumpkin or a creepy candelabra as the centrepiece or for other parties you could use a display of balloons, a cake stand, a log slice and jars or a fishbowl filled with beads or a Pillar candle and of course some table confetti, Google “table centres” to get other ideas,
Avoid scattering the confetti too close to the sides, where people will sit as it will get nocked on the floor and make even more cleaning up.

Hang banners, bunting and door curtains to welcome your guests.

Use tacks, clear tape, glue dots or blue tack to hold them up.
With the door curtains gather half of the streamers to the middle and tape them to the left side of the door, gather the rest, and tape them to the right side of the door, then cover the tape with big ribbon bows to create a grand entrance. You could also hang multiple door Happy Birthday Buntingcurtains along the wall to brighten the room up or to hide an unsightly part of a wall. Bunting or banners hung above a cake table can add a finishing touch to your decorations.

The best decoration that says party are balloons.

Choose balloons that match the colour and theme of your party. For example, if it is a 25th-anniversary party, choose silver balloons. Blow them up with air or helium, and hang them around the room, for a special effect build a balloon arch. Focus on the bare walls and tables.Balloon Arch
Fill clear balloons with colourful confetti for a pop of colour.
If you have a helium tank, tie streamers to the ends of balloons instead of ribbons.
If you don’t have a helium tank, using clear sticky tape attach thin fishing line to the top of the balloons and then fix to the ceiling using removable glue dots or similar. The balloons will hang above your guests giving the impression they are floating.
Covering the floor of a children’s party with balloons is always a winner.

Don’t forget the small things, such as plates, cups, straws and napkins.

Rose Gold Paper StrawsYou can match them to your theme and colour scheme. Even if you don’t have many decorations, they can really take your party to the next level.
For an elegant theme, choose gold, rose gold or silver coloured paper tableware.

Decorating a party is great fun and decorating ideas are endless, these are just a few ideas and tips to get you going and I hope they have been some help

Now it’s time for us to think of the planet so if your tableware is going to be thrown away after the party please use the paper variety rather than plastic. You can now get all colours of paper plates, paper cups, paper table covers and paper straws including rose gold, silver and gold. Balloons must also be disposed of thoughtfully, taking helium-filled balloons outside and letting them go is now classed as littering by a lot of authorities and people.

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