Decorating a table with helium-filled latex balloons

The balloons I am talking about in this post are 11” latex balloons, these are the most common size and can be bought from most party accessory suppliers in many colours and patterns to coordinate with any colour scheme or theme.Balloon Table Decorations

Things you will need

The first thing to think about is if you want your balloons to float they will need to be filled with helium, Helium can be bought from most party stores, also a lot of supermarkets now stock disposable helium tanks. The disposable helium tanks state on the packaging side how many balloons they will fill so you can work out which would be the right size to buy. Depending on how many balloons you need to fill larger tanks can be hired from some party stores and bottled gas suppliers.

Balloon SizerThe second thing is that if you are making a display of balloons they need to be the same size and for this you will need some sort of balloon sizer and the most simple is a square or round hole cut in a piece of cardboard, cut the hole slightly smaller than 11” as this is the maximum size an 11” balloon should be blown to, an 11” balloon will still float if blown to 10”. Blow the balloon slowly inside the balloon sizer and stop as it just touches the sides of the hole this will make all your balloons the same size plus it will stop you wasting helium.

The other things you will need are a pair of scissors, plenty of balloon ribbon and balloon weights, the weights can be bought in many shapes, colours and sizes from most party accessory suppliers.

Blowing the balloons

It is best to work with a friend when blowing balloons, one to hold the balloon while the other ties the ribbon on. Try not to let the balloons float to the ceiling, as from experience balloons often pop when they hit the ceiling as the coating can often contain sharp minute pieces of grit.

When tying balloon ribbon to the balloon, make sure you tie it below the balloon knot and leave approximately 15” excess to form a ribbon curl. The balloon ribbon needs to be long enough to create the required height of the display and again some excess to tie to the balloon weight and create come curled ribbon to decorate the weight

Creating the table display

I would suggest a minimum of three latex balloons for any table display placing one balloon above the other just touching so to leave no gap, with the lowest balloon high enough above the table so sitting guests can see each other and not be obscured by the balloons. If you wish to use more than three balloons then arranging them in an abstract bunch with all balloons close to each other but at slightly different heights will give that bit of the wow factor, again setting them at a height so the seated guests can see each other across the table

Balloon Table CentresMake sure all balloon table arrangments are at the same height

I hope this post has been of some help

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Children under 8 yrs can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required when blowing up balloons. Keep uninflated balloons away from children. Responsibly dispose of broken balloons at once. taking helium-filled balloons outside and letting them go is now classed as littering by a lot of authorities and people.

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